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H.T. Transformer with Built-in Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
RANGE: Upto 15 MVA 11 & 33 kV Class
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Even after the installation of standard off circuit distribution transformer, the voltage fluctuation on the LT side persists due to limited range of voltage correction of the transformer. To control the voltage fluctuations, it is ideal to install Servo Controlled Automatic Voltage Controller either on LT side or HT side.

MUSKAAN’S make Transformers with built-in rolling contact type AVR suitable for indoor/outdoor installation, copper wound HT Two-in-one system is a revolutionary landmark in the industry when it comes to voltage regulation and stabilization. Even after the installation of standard distribution transformer the problem of low/high voltage on the LT side persists, resulting in improper operation of the electrical equipments, premature failure & production loss of a plant. The standard off - circuit tapping of transformers can correct limited voltage variation and cannot regulate the voltage while in ‘On Load’ conditions. We have developed state of the art technology two-in-one system with Transformers having built-in HT Automatic voltage regulator that operates on load, sleeplessly & gives stabilized voltage on the LT Side. The equipment is basically a combination of HT AVR with a standard distribution transformer.

The Fluctuating voltage from grid is initially controlled by the HT AVR and then fed to the transformer resulting in the constant L.T. Output within +/- 1% accuracy and the biggest advantage being its robust design ; Lesser losses & more efficiency make the distribution transformer to utilize up to 100% capacity.

H.T. Transformer with built-in
Automatic Voltage Stabilizer: 3000 kVA

The unit consists of:
1. Step down double wound in copper construction
2. On load stepless rolling contact type voltage regulator
3. Buck/boost transformers

Advantages of Built - in AVR
  • Space Saving
  • Better Efficiency
  • Protection of Motor etc.
  • Reduced Installation Cost
  • Reduction in Electricity Bill
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